Sunday, 12 February 2017

My New Man

Yesterday a friend was sharing a story with me about her new man and said that he checked off all of the boxes of what she wanted to share with a life partner.  It reminded me of a project I undertook a little over a year ago. . . . I called it “My New Man”. At a time in my life when I wasn’t sure if I was open to another romantic relationship, I made a vision board about what that might look like.  My intention was to heal any wounds that prevented me from allowing love in, to break down the walls around my heart so that I could experience love openly and unconditionally.  I had put this board away a few months ago when MY new man came for a visit (ironically exactly one year after I made it). 

This morning I took out that board and as I looked at the pictures I could see it was all of the things that my new man and I like to do and the ways we spend our time together. I had also written down the qualities that I enjoyed from the significant men that had graced my life, as well as what I felt I had not experienced in a romantic relationship that I would like to, and even included what my own role was in creating this new relationship.  Today as I read the words I had written it struck me that not only did my new man have all of them, but more importantly I WAS THEM.  I had created the person in myself (or as I like to think, uncovered her) that I desired to share my life with.  What could be better than that??? (especially considering I do have to spend the rest of my life with her!!)  

My new man is a re-connection from my past (we went to high school together) and it has been a wonderful experience getting to know him again.  I am not sure where this life will take either one of us but I know this for sure . . . .  whatever happens I will be OKAY and I plan to enJoy every minute of our time together!

Working on yourself and your relationships is not always easy, but every once in awhile you get a moment that shows you that it is ALL worth it, this was one of those moments! Ever Grateful <3

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